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A Murder on Broadway: Josie Mansfield and the Grand Central Hotel

As many can agree, there’s nothing like a good seedy scandal for some shock and entertainment. And with all the characters that have passed through the Village, it’s no surprise that plenty such events occurred right here. One such story

Edith Wharton vs. Washington Square

This Saturday and Sunday, expert tour guide Joyce Gold will lead tours celebrating the radical, notorious women of Washington Square. The square and its environs have a long been home to creative, politically active, and influential women. In the spirit

“Ten & Taller” Village Edition: Give My Regards to Broadway

Currently the Skyscraper Museum in Battery Park City is hosting an exhibit “Ten & Taller: 1874-1900” that “examines every single building 10 stories and taller that was erected in Manhattan between 1874 through 1900.”

10th Street, A. T. Stewart, & Ladies’ Mile

For everyone who attended Saturday’s walking tour, we hope you enjoyed learning about shopping in the Gilded Age and the Ladies’ Mile.  Did you know that November 21 actually is an important date in the establishment of this shopping district?

An Eye-Popping View of Our Gilded Past

The “Gilded Age” in New York City – roughly 1870 through 1900 – gets something of a bad rap as a time of overwhelming inequality, when the rich basked in opulence while others were trapped in filth and poverty. (Hm,