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Horsing Around the Village

By the turn of the twentieth century it is estimated that almost 75,000 horses and 4,500 stables could be found in New York City. Before the mass-adoption of the car and truck, horses played a vital role in the transportation

Things We’re Grateful For: Federal Houses

At this time of year, we’re thinking about the many things we’re grateful for, as well as the founding of our country. Both those bring us to the many Federal-era (1790-1835) houses in the Village, NoHo, and East Village, especially

Corner of West 4th and West 10th Streets, Nat Kaufman Collection, c. 1950, Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation

My Favorite Things: The Corner of West 4th and West 10th Streets

Villager’s often point to the neighborhood’s low scale buildings and meandering, off-the-grid street pattern as one of the many factors that make the Village so special. I have to admit, I have a love/hate relationship with the Village’s off-kilter streets.

Tracking History: Gansevoort Plaza Then & Now

Though the character of Gansevoort Market has certainly undergone many changes over years, there are certain buildings and views that have remained remarkably intact. One such location where you can peer back in time is at Gansevoort Plaza, where Greenwich