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A Tale of Four Schools — Program Thursday

School has started and we are eagerly anticipating our fascinating program this Thursday evening organized with The Loisaida Center Inc. at their 710 East 9th Street location near Avenue C.  The program is about one of the foremost architects of school buildings from the

Demolition of Affordable Housing, and Landmarking

There are many tactics that developers may use to get rid of tenants, or to make conditions easier for them to push them out, in order to assist with demolition and new development plans. Apparently there are even classes you

From South Village to South Bronx, the Legacy of Jane Jacobs

In 1955 the Committee to Save Washington Square Park was distributing flyers to alert the public about a proposal to drive a four-lane road through the center of the park.  One neighborhood  resident, then  a writer with Architectural Forum, read