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The Founding of Our Lady of Pompeii

On March 7th, 1898, Our Lady of Pompeii Church was incorporated as a separate parish.  This South Village icon has been serving the neighborhood since 1926, but Our Lady of Pompeii has been a part of the Village since 1892. 

Many Layers of History on Second Avenue and Second Street

Our neighborhood has many wonderful intersections, where generations of history and culture intersect — too many, in fact, to easily do them all justice. But on February 2nd, the second day of the second month, we thought we’d take a

Remembering Jodie Lane

Last week, the New York Post reported on dogs getting electrocuted on a Brooklyn block.  This happened as a result of melting snow and ice acting as a conduit for electricity coming from ConEd junction boxes in the street.  During

Honorary Street Names: 1st Avenue

Our latest examination of honorific street names takes us further into the East Village to 1st Avenue.  From 14th Street all the way to Houston, 3 honorifics exist along this avenue: Jodie Lane Place- Located on 11th Street between 1st Avenue

Honorary Street Names: 2nd Avenue

As we here at GVSHP have previously discussed, many streets in Greenwich Village bear an honorary secondary name recognizing important people and institutions associated with the Village and its history.  These honorary names are given in additional to the street’s standard or

(Street) Signs of the Times

If you haven’t already read it, the Times reported last week on the recent completion of a catalog of New York City’s ‘honorific’ street names designated since 1998. These honorific names are noted with a sign that appears in tandem