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Caffe Reggio: A Village Respite for 92 Years

You will be hard pressed to find an establishment in New York City that has survived for as long as 92 years!  Well my friends, Caffe Reggio has earned that distinction.  Located at 119 MacDougal Street and celebrating its birthday

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is a Visual Ode to the Village

My favorite series in the past MANY years is The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel written by the amazing Amy Sherman-Palladino.  Not only is her rapid-fire dialogue and direction a joy to watch and listen to, but the actors who have been

Happy Birthday, Dave Van Ronk!

On this day in 1936, David Kenneth Ritz “Dave” Van Ronk was born.  Van Ronk was a highly influential figure in the American folk music revival and Greenwich Village music scene of the 1960’s.   He even earned the nickname the “Mayor