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Caffe Reggio: A Village Respite for 92 Years

You will be hard pressed to find an establishment in New York City that has survived for as long as 92 years!  Well my friends, Caffe Reggio has earned that distinction.  Located at 119 MacDougal Street and celebrating its birthday

Dylan and the Village on Film

The Village in the 1960s was a hotbed of creativity. In one of the most defining moments of that decade, in December 1960, a twenty-year-old Bob Dylan moved here to play the clubs and become a recording artist. Photographer Fred W.

The Founding of Our Lady of Pompeii

On March 7th, 1898, Our Lady of Pompeii Church was incorporated as a separate parish.  This South Village icon has been serving the neighborhood since 1926, but Our Lady of Pompeii has been a part of the Village since 1892. 

Birthday Blog with Charles Busch!

Charles Busch is the quintessential Villager. A prolific playwright and actor, he has lived in the West Village for most of his adult life. This reporter has been a life-long fan of Charles and so on this, his ??? birthday,

Rulers and Royalty of the Village

Gone but not forgotten, below is a list of just some of the individuals who have carried honorary titles in connection to the Village.  Each one was influential in the arts or in advocating for the unique character of the neighborhood. 

Happy Birthday, Dave Van Ronk!

On this day in 1936, David Kenneth Ritz “Dave” Van Ronk was born.  Van Ronk was a highly influential figure in the American folk music revival and Greenwich Village music scene of the 1960’s.   He even earned the nickname the “Mayor

National Park Service LGBTQ Map

Its been almost two years since the Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewel announced the LGBTQ Heritage Initiative by the National Park Service (NPS) outside the Stonewall Inn.  As part of this initiative, a theme study was undertaken to identify significant

43 MacDougal Street: A Happy Ending At Last?

Five years ago we wrote about the terrible, deteriorating conditions at 43 MacDougal Street, a landmarked, 1846 Greek Revival townhouse at the corner of King Street in the King-Charlton-VanDam Historic District.  The building had been neglected to the point of near-abandonment

Eleanor Roosevelt: First Lady, Activist, Villager

There are many reasons to celebrate the life of Eleanor Roosevelt, the longest-serving First Lady of the United States. Not only did she change the role from passive hostess to active political leader, she also became an outspoken politician in

Village People: Dave Van Ronk

(This post is part of a series called Village People: A Who’s Who of Greenwich Village, which will explore some of this intern’s favorite Village people and stories.) Dave Van Ronk came to the Village in the 1950s, after twice