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All we want for the holidays is TO SAVE OUR NEIGHBORHOOD!

It’s the case every year – what we want for the holidays, much like every other time of year, is to save our neighborhood. On a very cold December 20, 2004, that was exactly our message when GVSHP hosted a

October 11, 2005: City Approves Far West Village Rezoning

On October 11, 2005, the Far West Village rezoning plan was unanimously approved and adopted. GVSHP had led the fight for this plan to protect a vulnerable part of the Village. Here’s the story: In early 2004, following our successful

When Broken Zoning Rules Lead to Exhumed Bones

Working in historic preservation you sometimes find yourself dealing with things you never expect. On this date in 2006, GVSHP wrote to Mayor Bloomberg regarding a 19th century abolitionist church graveyard that had been dug up and disturbed in the