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“London Calling:” The Clash and the Village

If you were to ask me to name a truly perfect album, it would take a very quick punk-rock-beat to say “London Calling!” Released on December 14, 1979, this iconic album has been called the first post-punk album; “merry and

History Lost to NYU

We all know that New York University has an enormous presence in Greenwich Village and the East Village — one that has grown tremendously in recent decades, and is continuing to grow with the construction of their “NYU 2031” expanded

Welcome Aboard, Harry Bubbins

Harry Bubbins joins us today as GVSHP’s new East Village and Special Projects Director.  I hope you’ll join us in welcoming Harry to the GVSHP team. Harry comes to us from serving as the founding Director of Friends of Brook

Variety Theater

Variety, East Village Style

As EV Grieve recently reported, the final credits may be on the way for a movie theater turned grocery store on Avenue A.  As the end may be coming for the former Hollywood Theater, we thought we’d take a brief