A Tale of Two Times Articles

So there I was, innocently paging through the New York Times Real Estate section this past Sunday — I know you were, too, dreaming about the $2.5 million Mercer Street loft splashed on page 3 — when a pesky contradiction

2013: The Year In Review

We at GVSHP want to wish everyone a happy holiday season and best wishes for the new year.  We’ll be posting intermittently for the next week or so until we pick up a normal schedule again at the beginning of

The Red Herring at 570 Lex

If the “art deco masterpiece” that is 570 Lexington Avenue no longer stood on the southwest corner of Lexington Avenue and 51st Street, perhaps affordable housing could be constructed in its place. But this “suave fantasy of polished marble and

The Real Obstacles to Affordable Housing Construction

For stalwarts of the affordable housing scene in New York City, what obstacles come to mind that block the path to construction of new affordable units? We asked a few experienced hands, and they said the cost of land, construction

Welcome aboard, Karen Loew

Karen Loew joins us today as GVSHP’s new Director of East Village and Special Projects. I hope you’ll join us in welcoming Karen to the GVSHP family.

Landmarking Helps, Not Hurts, Property Values

It was ten years ago this month that the city’s Independent Budget Office (IBO) released the landmark study confirming what many New Yorkers intuitively knew, but the Real Estate Board of New York (REBNY) has continually sought to deny —

Op-Ed: Preservation Can Help Affordability

As seen in:     Don’t Believe REBNY’s Hype; Landmarking Can Help Affordability Read the full article in The Villager or Gotham Gazette     BY ANDREW BERMAN  |  In July, the Real Estate Board of New York (REBNY) went