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Greater Transparency Now Mandated for the Board of Standards and Appeals

Last week the Mayor signed a raft of bills passed by the City Council that will lead to a series of reforms to the Board of Standards and Appeals (BSA) zoning variance process.   Thanks to your involvement, whether through

Happy Birthday to Tenement Tattler Jacob Riis

In commemoration of Jacob Riis’s birthday on May 3rd, we’re re-posting an earlier piece by Ted Mineau about Riis’ life and work. Interested in reading more about the famous photojournalist? Check out all our past posts on Riis and his legacy. On

Jacob Riis: The Man Who Showed “How The Other Half Lives”

On May 3, 1849, Jacob August Riis was born in Denmark. At age 21, he immigrated to New York, arriving June 5, 1870. He immediately felt the need to protect himself, and purchased a gun. You may know his name