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Behind Building Blocks: 285 East 3rd Street, home of Steve Cannon and Gathering of the Tribes

When Village Preservation released an online tool that details historic information about every one of the East Village’s 2,200 buildings, we thought it would garner a lot of interest.  Little did we know that by now it has garnered over

South Village Tenement to Become Single-Family Mansion?

Neighborhoods like Greenwich Village contain many houses built for merchant families in the 19th century, converted to multi-family housing (usually for immigrants) decades later, and then converted back to single-family housing in more recent decades. However, a recent Department of

My Favorite Things: Washington Square North

The iconic early 19th century rowhouses that flank the north side of Washington Square Park are in many a passersby’s mind synonymous with the early history of the neighborhood.  Originally, the whole block looked like this.  Developed in 1833 under