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Lost Saints of the Village

The Village is hallowed ground, and much like any sacred space, its landscape is marked by holy figures.  For our neighborhoods, these figures are the architecture, and we even have our own “saints.”  Yet, while these saints are often canonized

Many layers of history at the corner of 4th and 12th

The 12th of April isn’t a particularly special day of the year, but the spots around 4th Ave. and 12th St. are some special locations themselves.  In honor of today’s date, we are taking a look at some of the

History Lost to NYU

We all know that New York University has an enormous presence in Greenwich Village and the East Village — one that has grown tremendously in recent decades, and is continuing to grow with the construction of their “NYU 2031” expanded

Happy 50th Landmark Anniversary St. Mark’s-in-the Bowery Church!

50 years ago tomorrow, on April 19, 1966, the LPC landmarked St. Mark’s-in-the-Bowery Church. The Church is the oldest site of continuous worship in New York City. The parcel of land was purchased by Peter Stuyvesant in 1651 and a family

Anarchy in the Village! The Ferrer Modern School

Greenwich Village was the first home of the Ferrer Modern School of New York City. First located at 6 St. Marks Place, this school was based on the European model of the Esquela Moderna founded by Catalan educator and anarchist

Save the Date – East Village/Lower East Side Historic District Hearing – June 26

On Tuesday, June 26 the Landmarks Preservation Commission will hold a public hearing on the proposed East Village/Lower East Side Historic District. This historic district was proposed last year by the Landmarks Preservation Commission and its boundaries were extended after