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We Miss You, Keith Haring

On February 16, 1990, we lost one of the most memorable and enduring figures of the 1980’s Downtown arts scene, Keith Haring (born May 4, 1958).  Haring came to New York in 1978 to study at the School of Visual

What an Electrifying Past: 19-25 St. Marks Place

One of the many wonderful things about the East Village is the fascinating layers of history that convey the evolution of the neighborhood. The buildings at 19-23 St. Mark’s Place are an excellent example of how the East Village has

East Village vs. West — Which is Really the Narrowest House in NYC?

Word that the West Village’s 75 1/2 Bedford Street is back on the market always brings attention to the slender house in which Enda St. Vincent Millay is said to have written “my candle burns at both ends.”  But it

Second Avenue Mansions of Yesteryear

Woah! Can you believe the corner of St. Marks Place and Second Avenue once looked like this? Our survey of the history of every single building in the East Village has turned up photos of some of the mansions that