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Strange Bedfellows Happened on West 9th Street: Ida Tarbell, Hans Hofman, and Margot Gayle

When conducting research for our Greenwich Village Historic District 1969-2019 Maps and Tours, we discovered that investigative journalist Ida Tarbell, artist Hans Hofmann, and one of our favorite preservationists, Margot Gayle, all lived in the same building at 38-44 West

John D. Rockefeller: Judson Memorial’s Chief Benefactor

John D. Rockefeller was a determined man who ascended from very humble beginnings to unrivaled wealth and productivity after the Civil War.

They Lived on West 9th Street: Ida Tarbell

Ida Tarbell was a trailblazing writer and investigative journalist –  although she famously did not like the term “muckraker” — who is best known for exposing the corrupt business practices of John D. Rockefeller and Standard Oil.