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Woman Crush Wednesday: We Love Willa Cather!

The Village is a very far cry from the Nebraska prairie where Willa Cather spent much of her childhood.  But her most productive writing period was indeed while she lived in various apartments in the Village, where she lovingly and

Happy Birthday, Mabel Dodge Luhan

By the time Mabel Dodge (also known, in recognition of her four husbands, as Mabel Evans Dodge Sterne Luhan) set up her weekly salon in her apartment at 23 Fifth Avenue in Greenwich Village in 1912, she had already been

Preservation Before Penn Station’s Demolition

Common lore has it that the demolition of Penn Station fifty years ago was the impetus behind the modern preservation movement in New York, but in fact, preservation efforts in Greenwich Village and elsewhere had begun long before. This coming

Five Years Without Chumley’s

Image via Gothamist. It was five years ago today at 86 Bedford Street that a chimney separated from an interior wall and collapsed into the world-famous Chumley’s bar in Greenwich Village.

“Doorway of 61 Washington Square Park” New York Bound Collection, Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation, 1945.

The Ghost of Preservation Battles Past: The House of Genius

61 Washington Square South, before it was demolished in 1948, was known as the House of Genius, part of the so-called genius row named for the artists and writers who made the red brick houses between West Broadway (now LaGuardia