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Happy Chanukah from the Village – Celebrating Through History!

I was holiday shopping at my local bookstore and was delighted to encounter Emily Jenkins’ “All of a Kind Family Hanukkah.” In the book, a Jewish immigrant family prepares for Chanukah in their Lower East Side Tenement in 1912. The

A Landmark From the Heyday of Yiddish Theater That Still Stands Today

Many New Yorkers are still reeling from the closure and impending demolition of the Landmark Sunshine Theater on East Houston Street.  Just outside of GVSHP’s catchment area, the Landmarks Sunshine was a beloved institution which had served up independent cinema

November 29, 1909: A Frail 23 Year Old Woman Ignites the Strike of the 20,000 at Cooper Union

On November 22, 1909, a frail 23-year-old woman, who’d been brutally beaten by strike-breakers, was helped up onto the stage of the Great Hall at the Cooper Union. Leaders of the labor movement – all men – had been speaking

Hebrew Actors’ Union: Then & Now

It’s always fun to look at then and now photos of buildings and streetscapes we’ve long come to admire here on Off the Grid. Today, just ahead of the Labor Day weekend, we wanted to check in on the Hebrew

Spot the Shot: Do You Know the Location of This Building?

  Do you know where this building is located? One of the most well known and talented families of Yiddish theater who also happened to own some of the theaters on the Yiddish Rialto once called it home.  It was